United Methodist Men (UMM)

The Methodist Men of St Mark was originally organized in 1946 to initiate and facilitate spiritual growth opportunities for all men. Since that time, St Mark has created a supportive fellowship of Men’s Ministry who seek to know Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, and seek daily God’s will through service to others. We have a variety of ministries that welcome the participation of men such as Bible studies, retreats, workshops, Sunday school, scouting, youth ministries, worship service, mentoring and prayer groups.

Through partnerships with our Pastor, other servant leaders and the community, we’re involved in a variety of outreach ministries that are inviting and engaging. The Luther O. Hebron Food Bank is a charitable organization that has served the Northern Anne Arundel County community with monthly food distribution which takes place the last Saturday of every month for the past 30 years. As we look beyond St Mark, we have a Men’s fellowship group, led by our Pastor that meets on a monthly basis (4 th Saturday). Each activity is open to any man who wants to participate. We pray you will find us inviting and a safe place to pursue the life God desires for you. You are personally invited to join us as we love God, serve others and become a crowd of witnesses to Christ- changed lives in our community and beyond.