Church Leadership and Management
Pastor Rev. Herbert W. Watson, Jr.
Assistant to the Pastor Minister Michael R. Simms, Sr., Certified Lay Minister
Church Administrator Rochelle Watson
Church Council Renee Loudermill, Chair
Church School Otis Duffie, Superintendent
Communications Ministry Hillary Brown, Chair
Community Engagement Ministry Kimberly Jenkins, Chair
Finance Ministry Alvin Fugh, Chair
Lay Leaders

Ronald Davis
Dorothea Hebron

Lay Servant Ministry

Tyrone Hall
John Hawkins,
Travis Webb Jr.

Membership Ministry Kim Hall, Chair
Ministerial Staff

Rev. Maidstone Mulenga
Rev. Charles Proctor

Music Ministry Regi McClurkin, Minister of Music

Kimberly Jenkins, Chair
Rhonda Caldwell-Dove, Vice Chair

SPRC/PPRC Erika Gordon, Chair
Trustees Denard Hebron, Chair
United Methodist Men Don Washington, Chair
United Methodist Women Sylvia Brown, Chair
Worship Ministry Mary Dailey, Chair
Youth Ministry Alveta Poole, Chair