Other Ministries

Acolyte Ministry
As part of the Worship Ministry, the Acolytes light the candles to open the service.  They start at age eight and end at about age thirteen. They are trained to bring the light into the church and take the light out to remind us to take our light out into the world. 

Church Historians
This ministry keeps historical documents of the congregation in order to preserve the heritage and identity of the congregation. This ministry helps to remind the congregation of its identity as God's presence in a particular location.

Communications Ministry
This ministry oversees and coordinates the communications that go from the congregation to its members and to the community, such as print, electronic newsletters, announcements, telephone contacts, website, radio spots, programming, and broadcast journalism. 

Commission on Status and Role of Women (COSROW)
This ministry identifies the goals of the congregation and advocates for women whose skills and gifts will support and expand the ministry goals.  They ensure that women of all ages have opportunities to consider ways they may fully express their Christian discipleship in their careers, occupations and daily living.

Communion Stewards
The Methodist Church has rich traditions to draw upon when it comes to celebrating Holy Communion.  Communion service is held on the first Sunday each month.  The Communion Stewards secure and prepare Communion elements for service.  

Healthy Coalition Ministry
The purpose of the Healthy Coalition Ministry is led by the vision and core values of St. Mark UMC. We want to inform the congregation and communities we serve about the best way to manage their physical, mental and spiritual health. We want to focus on disease prevention and ways to improve the health of individuals we serve. Health education is promoted in areas that concern us today, which include not only the physical and mental health, but also nutrition, exercise , elder-care, caregiving, grief, etc. We also want to partner with other ministries to  inform and distribute information and offer activities that promote total health.

Greeters Ministry
 Greeters, a part of the Worship Ministry, welcome guest at the welcome center and present them with guest cards for completion as they enter the building. It is the goal of St Mark’s greeters to make all guests feel important and welcomed.

Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry oversees the usage of the church kitchen and fellowship hall by St Mark members as well as non members when there is an event that requires full meals or light refreshments.

Membership Ministry
The Membership Ministry works with the pastor to keep accurate records of members and is accountable (reports annually) to the charge conference through the church council. Records kept by this ministry enable the congregation to know the current reality in planning for growth in professions of faith, baptisms, members and discipleship.

Scouting Ministry 
Girl Scouts do more than just sell cookies.  The scouting program provides the opportunity for girls to go camping, learn about nature, science and arts and crafts.  The St Mark Scouting Ministry addresses the concerns and conditions of children and youth in the community and church so that they grow in their understanding of themselves and the Christian faith and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples.  

For further information on Girl Scouts of Central Maryland go to www.gscm.org.

Ushers Ministry
As part of the Worship Ministry St Mark Ushers play an important role in keeping the worship service running smoothly.  Like the greeters they greet the congregation as well as visitors and interact with them to make them feel welcome.  

Worship Ministry
The Worship Ministry leads the congregation in providing opportunities for worship celebration that focus on God. They help people of all ages grow in their understanding of the Gospel, and become better equipped for daily living as faithful disciples.


St Mark Outreach Ministries

S.H.A.R.E (Self Help and Resource Exchange) Food Network Ministry

The SHARE ministry is an opportunity for individuals, families or organizations to purchase food items - produce and meats, at a lower price and by giving at least 2 hours of community service, monthly. St Mark SHARE site has “dedicated” community volunteers who give tirelessly, month after month.

Luther O. Hebron Food Bank

On the last Saturday of every month St. Mark volunteers sort bag and distribute food to those in need. All those who wish to be a recipient of this generosity must be a resident of Anne Arundel County and register at St. Mark or be referred by Department of Social Services, churches or other agencies whose purpose is to provide assistance to individuals and/or families in need. The volunteers pick up food donations from the Anne Arundel County Food Bank as well as from area merchants such as Costco and Walmart.